What is the MAP Philosophy?

The purpose of this project is to rebuild bonds between communities and reactivate a culture of generosity using the medium of art making.

MAP has four core principles, each sustaining its mission statement of seeking and building community and making opportunities for kindness and creative process.


1) Environmental Consciousness

2) Making

3) Travel

4) Community Outreach

What is a Mobile Residency?

MAP travels (via the MAP van/studio, Zephyr) within the continental USA working with local Resident Artists, or “MAP Makers.” During their residencies, MAP Makers join MAP facilitators in the van and undertake a creative road trip, working on a homeland inspired project of any artistic medium. Residents strengthen their creative practices as they develop a daily studio habit on the road, while gaining inspiration, exploring, and learning from the landscapes that they travel through. Each residency travel itinerary is designed in collaboration with residents to best provide the ideal making situation for each artist. And so, each MAP residency is different.

Why do this project Now? 

MAP aims to stitch bridges across the insular nature of American culture and fabricate feasible ways of coexisting: (re)build bonds, (re)activate cultures of generosity, and cultivate a tangible pipeline of hope. Our goal is to amplify the voices of Artists and Makers in America Right Now, to explore their local creative traditions and the regional connection to the craft, and provide an interactive platform for artists to create. At the heart of MAP lies the question “What Makes America?” MAP takes this question literally, and sets out to find anyone and everyone Making in America. Help us fill in the blank!

We are beyond excited to come to your city, and learn about what you are Making at this critical moment. There are just as many truths as people and places in this American Expanse. Join us in building, sharing, Making.