With the van constantly on the move, residents will bring stories, art-making processes, supplies, and open minds to exchange resources with our midland. Listening intently to the creative needs places traveled, our core team will provide materials to create with the community, or learn a creative process from them as the case may be. Getting acquainted with many regions of America, our aim is to (re)connect humans through the universal language of art-making, no matter their background or beliefs.




The van (our gentler version of manifest destiny) will provide time and space for each resident to have a daily art-making practice. The road trip setting is a crucible for creativity, and a unique opportunity providing the residents time to focus. Each resident will be required to propose a project for daily practice. Any medium is welcome, as long as it can pack into the van. If opportunity arises, residents will share their daily practice throughout the journey with the communities they encounter. A culminating show on the West Coast after Leg 1 and in NYC after Leg 2 will be essential to demonstrating the effects of a daily mobile studio practice and celebrate the communities forged in our trip.




It is essential for the collective to approach each community by car, using the common language of conveyance. We are converting the project’s vehicle to run on used fryer oil, picked up through a system of restaurants across the country. This provides an unconventional way to experience the nation’s highways, and purely poetic symbolism, with nourishment coming from Fast Food for a project that seeks a more intimate knowledge of America and its people. A converted van is the only conscionable way for this project to travel cross country.