Van Renovations: Part Two!

The great work begins!!!


  1. Stripping out all the mold infested paneling and fabric covers.
  2. Removing all the previously installed hardware and furniture, including: 
    1. the too-small sink in the too large sink box
    2. the slide out table cum oversize solar battery storage
    3. the mason jars with fairy lights, which were oddly placed head-smackingly right into doorways
    4. the five inch tall shelves with no doors
    5. the floor molding 
    6. The enormously gross carpet
    7. and most significantly, THE FLOOR. Oof. It wasn’t cut properly, finished, insulated, waterproofed, and ATTACHED SO THAT IT DOESN’T MOVE AND IS LEVEL!


  1. Re-laying the floor  - including adding and cutting the insulating foam to the correct size, cutting the plywood and filling in the gaps so that the floor could be set on the level, re-laying and attaching (!!), and finally waterproofing the floor with silicone. This floor alone took 3 days.
  2. Building storage shelves for the walls - sawing, cutting, sanding, staining, glueing, nailing, all of it.
  3. Remounting a new plywood ceiling against the fiberglass roof.
  4. Patching the ripped car seats
  5. Building a proportional sink and sink box. Our friend Peter from Traverse City, MI across the way helped us with the plumbing!
  6. Built a battery box small enough that it doesn’t interfere with the storage. 
  7. Rebuilding the hutch/storage/bed. Although it is narrower than the previous one, this one has a handle to hold it up, a lighter weight lid which won’t snap any fingers, and reaches the window ledge so no space was wasted. Plus, it’s finished with stain, so it looks lovely!
  8. Ripping out the old gross carpet  under the front seats and replacing it with easily cleanable linoleum. 
  9. Transforming front and rear nose of vehicle into storage, adding storage on the back of the front chairs.

This took five days of 24/7 work, so we ended up creatively reconfiguring our resident artist program so that the residencies began a little later.  See the culmination of our work in Post 3!!

Ilana Breitman